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Once Upon a Time On Ice

During the early 90s, Time On Ice was born from a need to provide quality hockey skill development at the local level. The founder of this school was Jim Nicoletti. Edgework, proper stride, and puck skills were the primary focus of the school.


Cognisant that improvement was directly related to opportunity and repetition, Time On Ice maximized a variety of challenges to improve learning opportunities. The school was experiential for all participants: very little standing around, constant use of full ice, keeping in mind that hockey should always be fun, and creativity should be a component for all participants. Years later, Jim's sons Dan, Mike, and Dave grew up playing AAA hockey for their entire hockey careers, and were drafted by OHL teams.  

Today, the Nicoletti brothers are the head instructors of Time On Ice, passing down the torch of knowledge acquired during their illustrious hockey careers. The brothers bring empathy, varied skill sets, and the critical development expertise needed to improve hockey skills while making sure the game is fun. Time On Ice continues to be a positive hockey experience for all participants rooted in the love of kids and the game of hockey.

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